Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stamp Club and Chicken Pitas

This is one of the cards we made at our recent Stamp Club.  I'm absolutely thrilled with how beautiful this card turned out and the fact that our SU Lady never disappoints us with the projects she chooses.  I tend to shy away from stamps like this beautiful cardinal because I'm not able to color them in very well.  This card is so pretty even without the coloring.
We always do two projects on Stamp Club night and as I was adding the picture I kind of chuckled to myself about how transparent I am on which is my favorite.  I think almost always my favorite is the first one I list, but sometimes it's hard to choose.  This month was a great example of hard to choose because I'm really fond of this one as well.
And to change gears a bit, let's talk about food!  One of our favorite meals is what we call Merry-Go-Round Chicken and we almost always cook it on a Monday night.  Mom and Dad got us the Showtime Rotisserie grill several years ago for Christmas and we have used it so much.  Rotisserie chicken takes only an hour and 20 minutes (YMMV depending on weight) and is scrumptious.  I like to make it on Monday because when we are done eating I pull the meat off and am able to get all the bones and yuck out to the trash for Tuesday pick up.  ;)
Usually I'll use the leftovers for either a grilled chicken salad, chicken sandwiches or some sort of casserole.  But my daughter-in-law discovered a great WW recipe for these sandwiches.  Easy peasy, good for you and we love them.
Spread a small amount of fat free mayo inside pita bread.  Lay a slice of pepper jack cheese (low fat), merry-go-round chicken (or any grilled chicken) and slices of roasted red pepper to taste.  Really quite good!


Renna said...

The cards are are really pretty. Though I love both, I'm always partial to anything with birds on it. Still, both are really cute!

The chicken sandwich sounds great. I love pita bread, too!

Wool Winder said...

The cards are beautiful!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

wow gone all Martha Stewart on us with this one girl! Look at that picture and how your turkey pita is laid out....I love it. Plus I love the cards and that die cut is wonderful....

MSM said...

That food looks way too good; I need to try that pita bread sandwich recipe.

Wish I had a rotisserie grill; we just boil our chicken : (

Cute cards!