Friday, October 12, 2007

WW Chicken Pot Pies

I do realize that some of you might see that this recipe is a Weight Watcher recipe and it might scare you away. I am here to tell you it shouldn't cause it is GOOD!

WW Chicken Pot Pies

½ cup reduced fat cream of chicken soup
1 cup chicken, cooked and diced
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables (I thawed mine I smidge)
2 T fat free chicken broth
2 biscuits (beware – this is where it could get bad) (I used reduced fat Grands)

Mix together the soup, chicken, vegetables and broth. Divide the mixture into two 2 cup casserole dishes. Mash down a biscuit as flat as you can get it and spread on top – one biscuit on each dish. Bake as directed on biscuit package.

*** Mine was 16 points for both, so only 8 points each person. We had a salad with it for 1 point (the dressing) and that made a pretty low point dinner. Be warned – these are not large pot pies. We were delighted with how filling they were though and you can always have a WW 1 point ice cream bar later for snack. And I’m going to keep searching for lower point biscuits.

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