Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Cake Decorating Class

I realized today that I never blogged about my first cake decorating class! Thankfully J had her camera and actually USED it, while mine was nestled in my bag (note to self - it doesn't do any good to bring the camera and not use it!!!).

As you can see by the picture, I tend to play and have a good time everywhere I go. I'm holding the decorating bags that we made out of parchment paper here - and wadded them up shortly after the Kodak moment. NOT impressed with them and have since bought a box of plastic disposable ALREADY ASSEMBLED bags. :)

Our first class was really just a lecture class and we watched the teacher decorate this cake. It took her no time at all and I'm so impressed and excited over this whole thing! I've already learned so many icing tips that I know I have my money's worth and we still have 3 classes to go.

You can also tell by the first picture that it really doesn't matter to me what hobby I'm doing as long as I'm doing it with people I enjoy. Really the hobbies are pretty much just an excuse to get together with people - it's the fellowshipping that makes me happy. :)

Oh and we ate at Applebees prior to class and ordered off their Weight Watchers menu - including dessert! Oh my it was so good. And so nice to just order and know it will be ok and not have to do much thinking. When I win the lottery I'm eating all my meals at Applebees. ;)

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You did a good job on your first cake! I would hate to see what mine would have look like!!! LOL
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