Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Annual Girls Weekend!!!

And this past weekend was our first annual Girls Weekend Away! Actually it was the second annual US80 Garage Sale weekend for us, but this year we decided to expand it a bit. Lynne', Loni, Brooklyn and I left bright and early Saturday morning and headed east.

Last year there were more sales and we bought many more treasures, but this year the garage sales were mostly a bust and in fact Lynne' and Loni didn't buy a thing! However, we had many more fun things planned and the most important thing was the being together.

In addition to the garage sales I loaded up the gps and we did a little geocaching along the way. The first picture shows Lynne' holding one of the finds. That girl is so good and always finds them! And I'm sure you can see also just what a beautiful day it was outside.

The next picture shows how Loni and Brooklyn enjoyed the geocaching! Baby girls really enjoy their bottles and especially seem to enjoy them when sitting outside on a beautiful day with their mama. :)

Next we stopped at a Veterans Memorial Park that we saw while on our way to a cache. It was in the middle of a very small town and the park was so touching. Brooklyn decided to nap, so Loni stayed with her while Lynne' and I walked around. They had a wall with names engraved of fallen soldiers from the surrounding area, I believe beginning with WWI. It was a sobering, yet beautiful park and I was glad we stumbled on it in our travels.

At the end of the day we checked into our hotel and stretched out a bit. Loni had found us a hotel with an indoor pool, so we all headed downstairs with Brooklyn in her Little Swimmers. She was SO CUTE! We took turns holding her in the pool and she kind of leaned back against our chest looking at the other two. She was a little unsure at first, then Loni started splashing and I really think it was a lightbulb moment for Brooklyn. She started splashing and kicking and her eyes would get really big and she would grin! So adorable!!! She still doesn't have a lot of control with the splashing, but invariably she'd splash her Aunt Lynne' and we'd all laugh, so she'd grin real big again. Good times. :)

After swimming it was time for baby girls to have a bath and get all the chlorine off their skin. We were blessed with a good sized sink in our room, so that became Brooklyn's tub for the night.

We got her dressed and headed off for dinner. When we finally got back to the hotel it was time for bed and we discovered that baby girls get silly hair after bathing in the sink and wearing a beanie
out to eat! It didn't seem to bother her one bit though and she was out like a light. Such a precious little girl.

Our last stop was another accidental find. On the way back home we stopped at a rest area and saw a sign pointing to a nature trail. Unfortunately it was a dirt trail, which would've meant the stroller would need 4 wheel drive, so we decided not to walk. But on the way out of the rest area the girls spotted some animals out behind, so we pulled over and got out to explore. Turns out there was a wildlife refuge behind the rest area, how cool is that??? Very beautiful to see.

And you can see how excited Brooklyn was over
the whole thing. We decided she was far more entranced by the little duck toy hanging from her carrier than she was by the animals in the refuge. :)

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Unknown said...

I love your blog! I so relate to the grateful heart. Proud of you for doing so well in Atlanta (in spite of a dry mouth). Life is good.