Sunday, October 07, 2007

Geocaching Sunday

Today we spent the afternoon and evening geocaching with J&L and of course Brooklyn. She really wasn't all that impressed with the whole geocaching deal, but that's ok because she is just so adorable no matter what she is doing. We went to a park that had fabulous sidewalks, so while the rest of the family searched for hidden treasures I just sat and looked at this sweet girl and took pictures of her....a BUNCH of pictures!

And really isn't there something amazing and calming about a picture of a sleeping baby?

It didn't take her long though to finish the cat nap and then do some Grandma entertaining. She laughed, she coo'ed, she goo'ed and through it all I just kept telling her how precious she is and how much Grandma loves her. This is really a fun age. I'm betting though that I'll think they all are a fun age! :)

A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart. - Unknown


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP!! She is so cute! I could just get a cavity looking at how sweet she is.

Now that Brooklyn is here, no Joe pictures! Doesn't Joe get to geocache? Does Joe love Brooklyn? Poor Joe needs a visit from Aunt Dawn soon. said...

Thank your for your visit! Your grandbaby is adorable!! Oh My!! What a sweetie!!

YOU all geocache!! My daughters just love to do that!! If you go to my side bar and the first person on my list of bloggers is my daughter Kelly.... Caregiver's Diary and click on that you can go to her blog and she has pictures of their geochacing on her sidebar. They love it!!

I am kind of crippled up but there was one place I could go and I thought it was fun!! I am bookmarking this blog and I will be back! Grams

Anonymous said...

I think she looks just like James!!! Shhhhhh don't tell Loni!!! LOL!!!!

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Awww, your granddaughter is such a beautiful baby!