Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cake Decorating

Final class was tonight and I have my certificate of completion for the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1. This has to be the most fun class I've taken in a long time.

I missed last week's class since I was in Atlanta, but jumped right in tonight and with the teacher's help got pretty well caught up.

This cake was not without its problems though. I baked it and iced it last night, then made my various icings to take to class for the decorating. This morning as we were walking out the door Keith said "Did you notice your cake this morning?" Now with a sentence like that I knew it wasn't going to be good!!! My beautifully iced white cake had developed a big crack in the top in the shape of a Y! I decided to consider it a training opportunity, so just let it be and took it to class. The teacher and I had a good chuckle over it and she did give me some pointers.

Moving on - we made the roses first and set them aside. Things went well when I was transferring them to the cake, up until one of them decided to jump off the spatula and roll down the cake, ending upside down. When this sort of thing happens you sit stunned for a few seconds, then there is nothing to do but laugh! Next thing I know we were all laughing! I rolled the poor little rose back over and kind of nudged it into place, then just added a few more leaves around it. :)

We had such a grand time that we've signed up for Course 2. And for once I was able to put some things into perspective and just relax and enjoy the class and the fellowship. I have no plans at all to do this sort of thing for money or entries in the fair. I'm wanting to make cute cakes for a certain little princess in my life and I'm willing to bet that she'll enjoy what her grandma makes for her.

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someone else said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I wanted to stop by and say thanks for paying me a visit on Friday. I've been out of town and just caught up on reading comments.

Your cake is really pretty, and the gratuitous Brooklyn picture? Well, she's pretty adorable!