Monday, October 15, 2007

Poor Baby Girl...

I was so sad to see little Brooklyn yesterday - she is sick. You can kind of tell in the picture how she just doesn't feel good. Keith did give me a hard time for wanting a picture of her when she's not feeling good. But really I just like pictures every time I'm with her, not a picture just because she's sick.

She sat with us while we watched the Cowboys game, though even if she were well I don't really think she would've been all that impressed. I did manage to get a couple of grins out of her - she's a happy baby even when she doesn't feel well.
Busy, busy times with me for a bit. We shopped all day Saturday looking for new clothes for me for a work trip to Atlanta this week. I feel very ungrateful saying this, but the shopping wasn't that much fun. Since it was for me I feel like I should have been jumping up and down over it, but it was tiring and when you have a time limit and know what you have to find it just kind of takes a little of the fun out of it. However, Lynne' joined us the last half of the day and any time I have my husband and daughter together they make me laugh. That was fun. :)
Keith has started redoing the floors in the kitchen and dining room, so for the time being we have concrete floor in most of the kitchen. The funniest part of this is that my cat really fears change, so he refuses to walk in the kitchen now. He stands at the doorway and just meows piteously. Poor baby.
Did I share about my wardrobe m@lfunction last week? One of my workmates - thankfully a friendly one that I like (!) - was standing in my cube talking to me and tilted her head at me, looking a bit puzzled. She lifted my hair before I could say a word and then leaned down and whispered that my sweater was on inside out! Well I couldn't help but laugh, then headed to the restroom to right the wrong. And the funniest part of it all is that the day before this same girl had sent a quote to us in our email "Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused." Does everybody see the humor here? The very day after receiving this quote I laughed at myself enough to bust a gut! :)

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Anonymous said...

I tried to post the other day, but Blogger was having problems. I hope she's feeling better by now. Poor baby!

Funny sweater story. :)