Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five

FFF snowflakes

Isn’t it funny how much you can look forward to Friday – even when you’ve had a short week?  I had Monday off work and I still was happy to see Friday roll around.

1. Is it wrong to have your hair listed as one of your week’s favorites?  I finally went last night to get a cut and root elimination and just feel so much better.  Vanity isn’t usually something I have much of, but I guarantee last night I felt pretty! And I look about 20 pounds thinner and 20 years younger too!

2. Focused Knitting – I told about my goal of knitting 11 hats yesterday and I have to admit that it is bringing me much pleasure. Between having a goal and doing something that always meant a lot to my mom, this project is just perfect.

3. Cleaning and Organizing – I’ve been following along with some ladies on a forum about organizing a craft room.  The goal is to work on it and finish in six months (they are going through EVERYTHING in the room) and since my own personal goal was to get my office/craft room done this year it was a perfect fit.  One of the problems I have with researching things like this online is that I drive my family over the edge while I excitedly tell them about the exciting information I find online.  Having some online ladies to share with that have similar goals is a really good fit.

4. An Extra Dog – The kids, including little Miss B, are on a cruise this week and we are taking care of their lab.  She is totally a nut and makes us laugh so much.  I don’t think I’d like being a two dog family, but she sure is fun while she’s here.  This dog does everything FAST, including getting a drink of water!

5. Blessings in General – I’m certain that Haiti has been on the minds of everybody.  Even while doing everyday things like filling the dog’s water dish they pop in my mind.  The people in Haiti are desperate for water and all I have to do is turn a faucet and can have all I desire.  We really are blessed – and please remember Haiti in your prayers.

I’m linking to Susanne at Living To Tell The Story where you can read many more posts about the week.


Faith said...

great FFF list....and it is GREAT that you love your hair....important to a woman!

Islandsparrow said...

definitely include hair - a nice haircut always makes me feel better!

cleaning and organizing would be on my list - if only I could get at it :)

Keeping Haiti in my prayers too.

Happy weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

Your blog is so beautifully matched with the FFF’s button. ;-)

It’s great that you can list your hair! Good for you!

Marg said...

Yea for those roots. I had the same and it's wonderful again.
Great on your knitting...It's been fun pulling wool together for the simple projects.
I'm glad that you too find it fun sharing info with other ladies on line. My family does not seem too delighted.
Have a good week.

Brenda said...

A good haircut is a great favorite! Especially because sometimes they dont turn out so well.

You are right, things like the situation in Haiti make us grateful for what we have.

Sis said...

Isn't it fun to feel pretty? And not vanity at all!

We have a Lab and we LOVE her! Fantastic personalities. Have fun with your visitor while it lasts!

Susanne said...

Definitely praying for the people of Haiti! We take so much for granted don't we?

"Root elimination" cracked me right up. That is the best description of it. I went to for a cut this week too. I tried someone new, which made me nervous but they did a great job!

Getting any room organized always makes me feel good and when it's done I always wonder why I let it go to chaos point. LOL.

Hey, I just noticed how nicely my button matches your blog! :v)

Karyn said...

Putting your hair on the FFF list is absolutely not wrong! Isn't it great how a good cut and color can make you feel so wonderful?

Sounds like a happy week!

Kari said...

I think I need a haircut soon too.
Great list.
thinking of Haiti and it is so true about how we take much for granted.

Ginger said...

Nothing like a good cut and color..I'm in need that soon! Great Fave Five!