Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crocheted Dishcloth


Pardon me while I do a little mom bragging.   My daughter Lynne’, 24, has made two baby blankets so far.  She knit the first one for her niece and the second blanket was crochet for her BFF’s baby.

For Christmas this year she decided to do a crocheted face cloth for each of her grandmothers.  Both of them turned out absolutely gorgeous and her packaging was perfect.  She used a very light sage green yarn called King Tut that has a beautiful sheen to it and oh so soft and luxurious.


A trip to World Market for some boutique handmade soap and it was time to package.  The basket was gathered in plastic wrap and tied with a bow.

What a great gift for somebody you love!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What a beautiful job!!! I make knitted dishcloths and love giving them as gifts too. Her package looks so pretty. Tell her to keep up the good work. Love & blessings from NC!

Debby said...

Brag away have a good reason to! Those are beautiful. I was hoping to make face cloths for my daughters next Christmas and looking for a good yarn for the face so I appreciate naming the yarn she used. Beautifully done!

elizabeth said...

Debby - with the King Tut yarn I knit one face cloth and she crocheted two - all from one skein. It's a little higher priced, but luxurious and great yardage.

Anonymous said...
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valerie said...

Lynne' did a great job!
I agree, this would be a very nice gift.

Melinda, who commented above about the knitted dishcloths....made me one and gave it to me as a gift when I met her in person in Oct.
I love that dishcloth!

I think homemade gifts are so special.