Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Say Tomato and I Say Tomato

When we got home from church today I had just a little time before I had something to do with my daughter. And so I got my 3 new tomato plants planted.

After I finished I looked at my line of "pots" and here's what came to mind: "If the container for your tomato plant is an empty cat litter might be a redneck." I thought for a bit about spray painting them - and still might - but what I finally decided is that this is such a great example of repurposing. We have a lot of these buckets and now they will get a 2nd life.

I drilled 4 holes in the bottom of each bucket and put a layer of rocks in the bottom, then filled the buckets with soil and a tomato plant. Each of the three plants are a different variety, so this is the year of tomato plant experimentation.

While I was taking pictures of the 3 new plants the original tomato plant starting whining that it wanted a picture as well. So I show you the Topsy Turvy tomato plant, now 5 weeks old. It is truly amazing to watch how fast this plant is growing.

Maurice Durufle's Requiem: One of Lynne's closest friends, and her mom, are in the Musical Feast Choral Society here in town. They had a performance late this afternoon and Lynne' and I went to see it. Truly it was unbelievable and reminded me of an old world European style of singing. And I say that with full realization that I have no knowledge whatsoever of musical styles. But the songs were done in Latin and one of the songs, Alleluia, honestly reminded me of angels. I even went so far as to close my eyes during part of the song and the voices were so phenomenal - what a blessing. The performance was held in a local church that has an amazing organ to accompany them. So glad I was able to go.


Linda said...

Just stopping by via Valerie and thought I'd leave a comment.

I think it's great that you're repurposing the containers! Why go out and buy new planters when these are perfect for the job.

Spray painting them is a pretty good idea though. Let me tell ya, since I started blogging, spray paint has become my new best friend! I've now always got some project in the works. My husband just shakes his head at my ideas I'm getting from blogland. They're never-ending!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your tomato "buckets" are great! What a wonderful way to re-use the cat liter containers. A coat of spray paint wouldn't be hard. I think I would give it a try. You will certainly be enjoying the fruits of your labor soon. Love & blessings from NC!

Tracy Batchelder said...

My mouth is watering for a garden fresh tomato right now. Those buckets are perfect pots.

valerie said...

I just saw an advertisement a day or so ago about the Topsy Turvy tomato plants and thought it looked so cool. That's neat that you have one.

I like what you've done with the cat litter buckets too.
We LOVE tomatoes at our house! Hubby has a big garden and just planted 28 tomato plants....64 feet of them. I can't wait!

Renna said...

It looks like we both had 'redneck' on the brain this week! ;-Þ

The tomato buckets are such a neat idea, it makes me wish I had a cat....wait, I DO have a cat, I just don't have cat litter! With dogs who think kitty 'droppings' are tasty treats, we've never used a litterbox. Puddy just goes to the backdoor and meows loudly when she needs to 'go'. ;-)

I'm glad you showed us the topsy turvy tomato thingie. I was curious how that was working.

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a great job at recycling. I never thought to put plants in empty plastic containers. I have wondered how well the topsey thing works. Looks interesting!

tipper said...

Hi! Renna sent me over to check out your topsy turvy tomato bucket-and I like it!! I also like how you re-used the kitty litter buckets.

Dishin And Dishes said...

Oh gosh ! I am cracking up at the Kitty Litter buckets for your tomatoes! I have just planted heirlooms and am waiting on hubby to make me a bed for them! I am going to show him this and tell him if he doesn't hurry up, these will be on our patio!