Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joe to the Vet and Screen-free til 8:03

Today was the day we dropped Joe off at the vet for his 'comprehensive' exam. He has epilepsy, thyroid problems and his terribly overweight. Bless his heart, he takes more pills than we do. But he's such a sweetheart and we love him, so we think it's worth it.

And actually he enjoys this day as he is kind of the baby of the office. He spends the day there since they do a bunch of blood work and all the people there enjoying talking to him and petting him. I'm thinking he's got a pretty good life. :)

Screen-free til 8:03 : Usually when I come up with my hare-brained ideas for self-improvement Keith just kind of nods and goes on. He really is supportive, but bless his heart he has to listen to me all the time deciding that something else will work better!

Today on The Southern Housewife's blog she talked about how so many people are so tuned in to 'screens' that even relationships are starting to suffer. She of course said it very eloquently and her phrase was 'screen affairs'. :) I've thought about her post all day and while I've cut down on my computer time in the evenings dramatically, she also mentioned tv and her blackberry. I'm not a tv person, but I do stay connected to my cell phone at all times.

So while we're having dinner we talked about how all the 'screens' in our house were starting to become way too important in our lives. Our focus going forward is to have no screens on in the evenings until about 8:00. No tv, no computer, no cell phone. And that would actually be a challenge when I consider just how much I enjoy reading blogs!

But let me tell you about our evening tonight. When we got home from getting Joe at the vet we went in the backyard and started doing yard work...together. Side by side in that awful humidity tonight, with sweat pouring down our faces, we worked together. When we came inside we looked at the clock and it was only 7:10.

We brought out the Pente game that we used to play together all the time when we first were married. We played and laughed and had the best time. In fact, it reminded of why we fell in love in the first place.

I can't say with certainty how long we'll keep this up. But while we're doing it we're having fun together and getting things done that have been neglected for too long, so how can it be a bad thing?

Biggest Loser: Again this week I was not happy with who was sent home. Felipe seems like such a nice young man and really I'm not fond of the players that are left. Except for Tara, she's the one I'm hoping will win.

But I won't be able to watch any more because I'm starting a new Bible study next Tuesday night. And we're the couple that doesn't have HDTV or DVR. ;)


Renna said...

What a great idea!

When the weather is pleasant, hubby and I like to sit out back and enjoy the quiet of the night. I just wish the weather was conducive for it more often.

I love Pente. My daughter is the only other one in the family that enjoyed playing it (hubby's not a gamer). She always beat me, but we had lots of fun playing it. :-)

Millie said...

Good news and I hope your puppy will not have to go and visit the vet soon. I wonder who the Biggest Looser will be in the end...we have to wait and see!

valerie said...

I know what you mean. I'm not that much of a tv watcher, but my husband is. I'm so glad I have a laptop now because I look at my blogs while in the living room with him and we still feel connected. I'll include him on something neat I've read or show him pictures.
I do try to limit my time on here though. It can become very addictive.
I'm glad you and Keith have had such a good time together side by side.

P.S. We don't have dvr either. ;)