Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dinner at the Daughter's

Dinner: It's an interesting feeling when your children get to the age that they invite you over for dinner. Lynne' has had us over to her apartment a couple of times for a dinner she's cooked and every time it's not only delicious, but we have a nice time as well. This time she cooked Southwestern Turkey Chili and Cornbread from a Sandra Lee cookbook and I think it's going to into our dinner rotation now since we really liked it. It's fun to get new recipes from your daughter. :)

Games: After dinner we like to play games, but she didn't have a lot to choose from and I completely forgot to bring any of ours. As luck would have it Lynne' remembered she had a pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards. We had to put our thinking caps on for a game that three people could play with only one deck and came up with the game 31. Keith remembers back when he was young and their entire family would play together at their aunt's house, so it was fun to continue the tradition. And you can see by the penny pile that we are big gamblers....especially when Lynne' put up the $$ for us all!

The Biggest Loser: I was so sad tonight that Kristin got voted off. She's been one of my favorites since the beginning and she always works so hard. But in the end she should be so proud of herself for all that she's accomplished. I know I always end up being silly and saying something like "I was almost motivated enough to stop eating a donut" but honestly this show does motivate me. Between watching this show, Linda's 30x5 challenge and Gilad in the mornings, I sure hope that scale starts to move!

Crafting Update: I've been computer-less and running a lot in the evenings, so I haven't had a minute to take pictures. I'm hoping in the next couple of days to get the pictures taken so I can update the blog. I have some knitting finishes, quilt block finishes (and a start!), cards and actually a layout to share.

Good times...

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