Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday Tales

We had the best weekend! A weekend spent with Keith's family, which we don't do nearly enough. And on Saturday we all headed to First Monday Trade Days in Canton hoping for bargains and treasures. This is like the ultimate flea market, craft show, fair and I don't know what all rolled into one.

The day started out chilly, but we peeled the jackets off pretty quick. Right off the bat Keith's folks rented a scooter since it promised to be a day full of walking. It was amazing how many scooters were out there and by the end of the day I think we all were a little envious. :) Brooklyn thought it was pretty interesting to see her great-grandparents each on a scooter. But best of all was that great-grandpa had a bag of kettle corn in the front of his scooter and she LOVED that! If she ran out of popcorn on her little stroller tray she would start looking around for grandpa. :)

Once we got back to Keith's brother's house we all stayed outside until it got dark. We played with Miss B and the dogs and then had dinner outside as well. The weather was just so beautiful. Early on Loni brought out some strawberries for a Brooklyn snack and you can see by the chipmunk cheeks and juicy chin that she thoroughly enjoyed them.

30x5 Update: I can't believe how well I am doing on the movin' and groovin'! Making a vow to move for 30 minutes a day is just so doable that it's almost embarrassing to think that I am so proud of it. Now before I get in trouble for bragging I do want to remind everybody that I don't have young kids at home or anything like that. When I get home in the evening, after we have dinner and clean the kitchen, the entire rest of the evening is mine. So yes, that does make it very doable for me.

So far I'm on track doing the Total Body Sculpt on tv every other morning. In the evenings I've been trying to always take Joe for a walk (he's old and out of shape as well), then ride the bike while watching tv. And when we did all the walking on Saturday and then running around with Brooklyn in the backyard Saturday night Keith mentioned to me how proud he was that I could keep up so much better. That made me feel really good, especially as I have seen absolutely no difference on the scale. But I feel confident that it will come.

Goodbye Computer: And then on Sunday night....my computer died. It was a rather traumatizing moment when I realized what this meant, because really I'd rather surf the net than watch tv. Keith went today to price parts and because the computer is so very old we can no longer just replace the motherboard, we'd also have to replace memory and CPU and power supply.
~ sigh ~
When he told me the price I told him no, at least for now. We do have an ancient dinosaur laptop at home and really I think I"ll just use it for now. And might I add that I feel very blessed that I have it.

Scripture Memory Verses: I don't know if I ever mentioned that I've begun doing some scripture memory work. This has really been on my heart recently because it's not enough to have read the Bible, I want to be able to call upon the verses when I need them. Too many times I'll think "I know there's something in the Bible about this" and then will draw a blank. This is perfect for me. And I thank all my "Siestas" that are so inspirational to me!

And To All A Good Night! And with that big ol' update I"ll be signing off. I admit that I am a big Biggest Loser fan and it's on right now. Plus, last night I got some fabric cut and tonight I'm going to go in and start sewing it into a quilt block.


Debby said...

Great post Elizabeth. I'm glad I'm not the only one to share grandchildren on my blog (which is supposed to be a craft/knitting blog). I love children, period, and it's fun to see other's pride and joy(s). Thank you for the comment on my blog about my family. I do treasure them and am so grateful to God for each and every one. There were some hard places and for a time didn't think we were going to have grandchildren. I'm glad God had other plans. I love your attitude about your family and Keith's family.
You've inspired me...I need to dig into God's Word and memorize.

cinnamongirl93 said...

I love the new look of your blog. Very nice choice.
The weather here is pretty typical. Rain, snow and then it blows! It's been windy and chilly. I am praying for a warm Easter.
Good luck with the computer. I have had my issues with mine too.

Joansie said...

The generational picture of Brooklyn with her great-grandpa is really special. It has a "message" I can't quite describe perhaps because they are both in a "traveling" mode.

Renna said...

You are so blessed to have such good times with family. I love the pic of Brooklyn with the poochy cheeks!

I haven't been to Canton in many years. Maybe I can talk Hubby into it for May.