Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Say Tomato and I Say Thank You!

Having a BLT made with a neighbor's homegrown tomatoes is truly a wonderful experience. Even with the first bite, when the wonderful flavor floods your mouth you know that this is what a tomato was meant to taste like. And honestly, a homegrown tomato tastes nothing at all like the tomatoes purchased at the store.
I'll admit that these tomatoes got me to thinking again about a small garden. As prices go up surely I should be able to grow some of my own vegetables. Unfortunately I know nothing at all about growing plants, though there is somebody at work that said he'll help me learn. And with a large dog I think I'm leaning more towards having the plants in large containers rather than tilling a plot in the backyard.
The latest vegetable on the news that we're told not to eat is jalapenos and living in Texas I think it's required that we eat quite a few of them. Keith and I love them just about any way we can get them, including raw at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. So perhaps a jalapeno plant or too as well.
Maybe it's time to start surfing for some gardening expertise. Surely it can't be too terribly hard....


JeanieBeanie said...

Well if there is one thing I can do, that is grow a garden. All you need is some good potting soil, some Dyno Dirt which you can get in Denton Feed store. Put your plants in the container and water with some miricle grow and stand back and watch them grow. Of course you will have to wait till the early fall. Nothing better than homegrown tomatoes. I have had so many from my dads garden this year. He is the man with the green thumb who has taught me everything I know.

Rebecca said...

Mmmm that tomato looks DELICIOUS! I've often thought the same thing about growing a little garden with the rising cost of food - but don't know where I'd start! But getting fresh produce would certainly be worth the try. :)

Anonymous said...

you might want to look at lasagna gardening - if you decide to go a little bigger than a pot. I was going to go that way this spring and then I got busy with other things - but with food costs going up - I see lasagna gardening in my future


Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Tomato's and peppers grow quite nicely in pots. Let us know how they turn out. May be too late for this year but I'm not sure.