Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I cannot believe I didn't post a Happy Birthday to Brooklyn yesterday! My only excuse is that by the time we got home last night from birthday party prep at their house it was no longer her birthday!!!

Loni is so clever and creative and it's so much fun. She scoured the internet looking at birthday cakes and cupcakes as she tried to decide whether to buy a cake or make one. Homemade was decided and it became a wonderful bonding evening.

We all went out to dinner, then came back and Keith's parents had made it to town and came over. Loni had already made the cake, cupcakes and a big bowl of icing, so we got down to business. Luckily cake decorating is similar to riding a bike because it did come back to me! She had me do the cake and it went pretty well. When the writing with icing part came up I was a nervous wreck! Keith and Loni ended up writing the words on a piece of paper and putting it next to the cake board so at least I'd have something to look at. Nerve wracking!

Loni decorated all the cupcakes and I'm so proud of her at how well they turned out - she'd never done anything like this before! Today they will be arranged on the cupcake stand and she has butterfly picks to put on top.

Lynne' spent the night at their house last night to help get things ready for today's party. Both girls worked on decorating the house and it looks so cute. Aunt Lynne' also was in charge of getting Brooklyn dressed for bed and reading her a bedtime story until she fell asleep. I think she really enjoyed that.

At one point we did all talk about "one year ago today" and admitted that Loni looks a lot better today than she did last year in labor! Go figure.... ;)

So I leave you with a video of Grandpa holding Little Miss and her having a ball playing with the balloons. She came up with the little wrinkle face tonight at dinner when her Aunt Lynne' was laughing hard enough that her eyes were squinting. Little toot likes to copy everybody around her! :)

Good times....


JeanieBeanie said...

TOO Cute for words!!! You did excellant on the cake. I am very proud of you!!!

Wendy said...