Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rocket Pops

Can you call something a tradition after doing it just one time? Because we all decided after tasting the Rocket Pops that this will have to be a new 4th of July tradition!

I found the recipe on the Kraft Foods site and loved the way they looked. Lynne', Loni and I made them on the 4th of July and we all were able to eat them on the 5th. The red and blue layers are jello and the white layer is cool whip, all frozen to make a nice cool treat for a hot summer day.

The recipe says to use 5 oz cups and wooden kraft sticks for the handles. We didn't have those, so we used much bigger cups and then used plastic spoons and knives for the handles, which worked out fine. Obviously smaller Rocket Pops would be better, but the big ones were not a problem....even for little girls that had some help!


JeanieBeanie said...

Well I am not sure how good these really are, but Brooklyn makes them look delicious. I love recipes. Most of them are so easy and so far I have been pleased with the results. I usually get the book in the mail but come to think of it, I have not gotten it in a while. I guess I better go sign back up.

Sarah Mae said...

Good luck to you on the vacuum cleaner!
Oooh, those rocket pops look YUMMO!