Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's Almost 1 Year Old and She's Walking!

Oh so much to tell! First, Brooklyn's first birthday is this Friday and she has started walking!!! On 4th of July weekend she was oh so close and finally did take one step. Let me tell you that one week can make such a difference and I just had no idea!

Monday night the daughter of one of my dearest friends had a book party at my friend's house. Since reading has been my lifelong favorite hobby and I do hope to pass that love of books on to my grandbaby it was a natural for me to attend. Even better was my daughter-in-law and granddaughter came with me!

First we picked Brooklyn up at daycare and headed to my house so that we could get Grandpa and all have dinner together. The four of us headed to a neighborhood italian restaurant where Brooklyn shared some of our lasagna and spinach pizza. Each bite I gave her made her kick her feet in delight. Yes sweetheart, grandma feels like that when she eats sometimes too! ;)
We stopped back by my house for a minute to change her clothes and to delight in her walking for a few minutes. It was almost hard to leave!

Brooklyn did not disappoint us at all that evening. She walked and when she wasn't able to walk fast enough to keep up with all the kids she would drop back down into her crawl and go fast as lightning after them.

I dearly love this last picture of my grandbaby on the left and my sweet friend's grandbaby on the right. She is almost exactly one year older than Brooklyn and it was so special to see the two of them together.

The kids all played together so well and apparently she played hard because when the three of us got in the car to head back to her house Brooklyn fell fast asleep within a couple of blocks and slept the whole way home.

Good times.....

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JeanieBeanie said...

adorable little girls for sure!!!