Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Family and the Fourth

What a magnificent 4th of July weekend! Keith and I decided to take Monday off as well, so it was long and delightful. All the kids - and grandbaby! - were at the house most of the weekend and Mom, Gary and Michele came down for the day on Saturday.

One of the highlights of the lake every 4th of July is the decorated golf cart parade. We bring chairs out in the front yard and watch them all go by. It's very festive, very small town and a very nice time.

This picture of Brooklyn is, of course, one of my favorites. She has learned how to blow kisses, complete with the "mwah" sound! So darling and she really was fascinated watching all the people and kids going by.

It was bittersweet waving goodbye to everybody, but luckily Keith and I have fun by ourselves as well. I will admit that the cabin seemed very, very quiet after the weekend. :)

On Monday morning I went next door and had coffee with the neighbor on her front porch. We compared children and grandchildren notes and talked about the now quiet. She had one of her grandsons home on leave from the Air Force....and he brought 3 of his buddies with him. Apparently these young men eat quite a bit for breakfast!!! :) She was missing them all.

Then as we loaded the truck to head home another neighbor came over with banana peppers and tomatoes from his garden. I just love it up there, mostly because I think we fit in so well. There are so many people that love doing the same things we love to do.

So heading home we stopped at a Dairy Queen to get something for dinner. It took them a long time to make it. I mean a l.o.n.g. time. After a bit I wandered over and picked up one of the real estate books to flip through - did I mention they were slow? When I finally got our meal and went out to the truck I had a few pages dog eared to share with Keith. I figured since I love it at the lake so much that perhaps it's time to find something for us to do up there to earn a living and maybe move. Lo and behold I found an ad for a vintage church that had been transformed into a wedding chapel! Truly it was fate since I love vintage anything and surely since Keith and I had been married so long we were a natural for owning this business. Unfortunately Keith was being a bit unreasonable about the whole thing and he nixed the idea. ;) Not to be deterred I kept looking and can you even believe it but I found a hair salon/massage therapy place for sale! Of course, I really, really need to get my hair colored right now and it sure needs a trim, so maybe this one wouldn't be the best idea. Then I found a restaurant with an apartment above it! This sounded great until I remembered that I really am not a great cook.

I'm thinking I will get up each day this week and thank the Lord for my job that really is a pretty good fit for me. I don't think that every person is destined to be an entrepreneur and based on the available options right now, we'll be mighty happy with what we have. Enough said! :)

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