Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scrapbooking and Chocolate

I haven't shared any scrapbooking pages in quite a while....mostly because I haven't completed any! This particular layout was done during our retreat in May and is one of my new favorites. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the pages include Brooklyn, Joe and Loni! Oh and Cheeto, James and Loni's cat, is also in one of the pictures too. He cracks me up because he will wear a costume and what cat does that???

Last Halloween Loni got the most adorable monkey costume for Brooklyn to wear for her first Halloween. Only problem was that it turned out to be one of those really, really warm Halloweens in Texas and she got pretty fussy wearing a full furry outfit! No problem though because Loni also had the all orange outfit and adorable bow, so she was still dressed up. :)

And Loni did her makeup for our Halloween dress up day at work. Too cute!


And now for something chocolate! I had printed out this brownie recipe hoping to try and with my family coming to town it was a perfect opportunity. Michele, Lynne' and Loni ran to the store and got ice cream fixins and we ended up having these heavenly brownie fudge sundaes. Oh my word they were GOOD! And if you are looking for a good brownie recipe, click above and go print this one. Very good and very easy, so why use a mix? :)

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JeanieBeanie said...

Thats funny cause I made brownies on Friday. I used a mix though. Actually I used 2 mixes. Double Fudge and Chocolate Chunk. I added Rolo's and Walnuts. UMMM!!! Needless to say, they are all gone now. I will have to try this recipe. My salava glands are going crazy looking at this picture. YUM!!!!