Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Again

Is this a happy doggie or what? We found a cove to play in that was about 30 feet deep and he had a blast swimming around (yes, he wears a life jacket). He would get tired and swim over to the boat ladder and just kind of hang on waiting for us to help him back in. A little rest and he'd jump in again, which is quite a site to see.
Friday night our neighbor came over to tell us that all four of his kids had been involved in car wreck earlier in the day. They'd just gotten home from the hospital, where all the kids had been checked out and sent home, tired, scared and sore.
On Saturday we ran to the grocery store and I came back to bake some brownies (from a mix, even though I'd said before that there is no reason to use a mix - I found a reason!). I took the brownies and all the fixin's for sundaes over to their house to try and cheer up the kids. A short while later 3 of the kids came over to thank us and I got hugs from all. The youngest boy, about 7 years old, wanted to show me his seatbelt bruise. I asked him if he'd been scared and he just said "nah" with all the braveness of a child. He had no idea how my heart hurt when I saw that bruise. God was surely merciful to protect those children.
One last lake story: when coming back in last night to put the boat on the trailer I looked over at the hillside and saw some deer running across a field. I squeeled at Keith to go back so I could get a better look. He insisted that it was a dog, but I told him I knew it wasn't because it was brown...and it had legs. At this proclamation he burst out laughing and said that if we ever play Password and get the word deer we could pull out our secret weapon and win the game!
Good times.... ;)

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Renna said...

The picture of your pooch is so sweet.:-)

Praise God for protecting those neighbor children!

Your brown deer description was funny, and your hubby's comment funnier, still! ;-Þ