Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unfinished Projects

This is the knitting project I've been working on for seemingly forever. I called it my Caribbean Placemat because that's what the colors remind me of. I am still so in love with the way this yarn stripes and with the colors. Mom told me she was knitting placemats and that just struck a chord with me, so that's what I'm doing. However, doing miles of seed stitch with unyielding cotton yarn does make the hands ache, so I usually just do 3 or 4 rows at a sitting. The good news is that since it's such a simple pattern it's ideal for knitting and talking. And they are teasing me at work and I keep getting reminded of just how cheap placemats are to buy and I would have them on my table lots quicker that way!

And since I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog yet, I have a confession to make. Regardless of what craft I'm in....I rarely finish anything. I guess the journey is the fun for me, who knows? So when I sashayed into the Scrapbook Barn lo these many months ago and saw the pink shirt that said "Queen of Unfinished Projects" that my friends had put on hold for me, well it was love at first sight! I have mentioned lately that this isn't necessarily a true statement for me anymore. Saying that I have unfinished projects implies that I have started things and lately all I really do is flit around and chat. Ah well, all in good time I suppose!

Now let me explain the attractive look on my face. This picture was taken on our recent retreat very shortly after I put some Zots in my mouth. Do you remember Zots candy? I didn't, but I'm always game for this sort of thing. In case you can't tell, they have a very sour center to them. They start off so unassuming and you think it's just a hard candy, then this sour stuff starts oozing out of the candy and it makes you suck your cheeks in! Loads of fun, but I'm not thinking I'll be buying packs of this any time soon - LOL!

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Susanne said...

Your scrapbooking posts has motivated me to hit my scrapbooks again. I have been knitting so much I haven't done much scrapping. You even motivated me to make cards. I went to Delightful Hands last night and made 12 cards, 3 x 4 different styles. It was so much fun. You look great by the way!!