Thursday, May 08, 2008

Joe and a Work Lesson on Time

My sweet old doggie, Joe, relaxing in the hallway. Not sure if you can tell, but his eyes are looking off to his right at our cat Meeko, who came walking over to see why both Joe and I were laying down in the hall.


I learned an interesting thing this afternoon at work. On days that we don't go out for lunch a bunch of us girls sit and knit and chat for that hour. Today we got back to our desks and before I knew it I looked up and it was 2:30 already.

"My word I can't believe how fast today is going!", I exclaimed.

"Yes, isn't it a shame", said one of my co-workers.

"A shame?"

She went on to explain that she used to spend so much time saying she couldn't wait until the party next week, or vacation next month, etc. that she missed out on living that day. Now one of her personal growth choices is to slow down and enjoy each day for what it is. Really every day has so much to offer, so why not enjoy it thoroughly?

By the way, these deep thoughts came from a wonderful young lady in her mid-thirties. So wise.

And when I told this story to Mom today she said it's called "wishing your life away".

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

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Le Bleu Bonnet Boutique said...

I love this picture of Joe!!! So sweet. Very deep thoughts there girlfriend!!! Yes we do speed through life wishing things would come sooner. Here we are about to go on our retreat and it seems like yesturday we were just talking about it. Aaaaamaaaaazzzing!!!! We must stop to smell the roses!!! Especially now. There are some really pretty ones out.