Monday, May 26, 2008

Brooklyn at The Islands

Just a quick little video and I have GOT to get to bed! Had a wonderful time at the lake this weekend and got to see all my kids. Saturday and most of Sunday James, Loni and Brooklyn (and their dog Xena!) came up to the lake, then later Sunday and all of Monday Lynne' came up. We took little Miss B out to the islands for the first time and it was so adorable to watch her! She LOVES to take a bath and splashes and plays, but the lake has a mind of it's own with waves, noises, things to see, sand on the bottom and funny smells. I can't claim that she loved it, but she didn't put up a fuss and that's step one.

Don't you love how well protected she is? Loni got her this swimsuit that has UV protection - please tell me where these suits were 25 years ago! First we lathered Brooklyn up with sunscreen, then she got her blast from the past style swimsuit on, her stylin' shades, floppy hat and of course boat shoes. Too adorable!

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I am Women said...

Awwww!!! What a cutie!!! Do they have that in a size XXXL in adults. I could have used that this weekend on my lake trip. I look like someone from the tomatoe family right now.