Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back From Retreat

This is what a room looks like during a scrapbooking retreat - a little scary eh? I did take some liberties with facial expressions to protect the innocent. :)

What a splendiferous weekend I just had! I went on a 3 day retreat with 10 of my closest scrapbooking friends. We found the perfect place up in Gainesville, TX called Le Retreat House and had an amazing time. This is different than your average bed and breakfast because we were the only ones there and did our own food. Absolutely perfect for our group as we kind of like to sing and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Truly, this was one of my absolute most favorite weekends EVAH! From start to finish it was just picture perfect. So many great moments and I’m not even sure where to begin. And really I hate to begin because I’m afraid I’d leave something out. But here’s some weekend moments: I discovered that I love White Chocolate Mudslide coffee creamer and last night at the store I picked up a bottle for work; I found out that eating Zots and Pop Rocks with J is loads of fun; I now know that D and I still got it baby in the singing department and that other D can be our backup dancer any time (welcome to our Grand Illusion!); I saw a side of J I’d never seen before and it totally cracked me up; I know that if I ever need a Macgyver sidekick that S has my back (does anybody have an exacto knife, a coconut and a battery?); I know that if I hand my camera to S she can find the card for me that I didn’t even know it had; I saw C ACTUALLY THROW AWAY SOME SCRAPBROOK STUFF…and then later go through a trash can and pull some more things out; I know that H and I make a great Thelma and Louise and our ending was a whole lot better than theirs; I discovered that C has some zingers in her and fits right in with all us crazies; I saw K do an awesome victory dance; oh and I know without a doubt that S is a big tease when a woman is desperate for coffee!

I will undoubtedly be sharing more pictures this week, but it's bedtime now. I literally have hundreds of pictures from the weekend because luckily there are brains behind some of those smiling faces above! The retreat house had internet and of course there were several laptops among us. One brilliant Sistah Chick took all our camera cards and copied the pictures back and forth so that we all ended up with every photo.

Good times.... :)

"A friend is somebody that knows all about you and loves you even more after knowing it!"

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