Monday, June 02, 2008

Saturday With Brooklyn

It hit me when I sat down to type this entry that one of the things I say too many times is "I just had the best weekend ever!", but honestly it's true. We just have so much fun and are so blessed and this past weekend was no exception.

We started out with getting to watch Brooklyn while J&L went to the lake with friends. Yes, once again we got the best end of the deal! Keith and I went out to breakfast and took Little Bit with us where I am proud to report that we discovered she likes grits! J&L do NOT like grits, so I guess this culinary treat will have to be enjoyed with her grandma. We shared grits and I tore little bites of dry pancake off for her to pick up and poke in her mouth. She giggled and played with her grandpa and we had so many people stop by our table and talk about what a doll she is.

Our next errand was stopping at a nearby store and once again we had a great time. Grandpa put her in the little car/shopping cart combo and the two of them had a grand time honking the horn for a bit. He decided she's still a bit too little to ride in it around the store, so he opted to carry her instead. :)

She fell fast asleep on the way home and finished up a brief nap. Oh how I wish I could sleep with such abandon! A part of me wishes I could get away with wearing the cute little outfit too - LOL!
Once she woke up it was time for some quality grandma and Brooklyn time. Loni had gotten a book for me (or Brooklyn???) called Read To Me Grandma and it's filled with Disney stories. Brooklyn really enjoys hearing stories read to her, but I also discovered that I don't turn the pages fast enough for her liking. We were able to reach a compromise though, with me reading a few sentences on a page before she'd turn them. It made for an interesting story with bits of Jungle Book, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin all jumbled up together. Add in grandma singing songs from the movies and we pretty well cleared the room. :)

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Renna said...

I can't imagine anything more fun! :-)