Monday, May 05, 2008

This Sad Photo

is how my weekend ended!

We were enjoying a wonderful first weekend of the season at the lake. Went out on the boat, had picture perfect weather, etc. As we pulled the trailer/boat out of the water we started hearing a terrible noise from the underside of our truck. We made it up to the cabin and Keith and several of the neighbors (it was definitely a King of the Hill type of moment) determined that it was probably the U Joint. We called the tow truck and the son, then Keith and I walked down to the local cafe and had dinner. At this point there really wasn't anything else we could do. The wrecker came Sunday afternoon and took the truck away. :( When James got there we decided to take the boat out for a little ride before heading back home. So now I'm toolin' around town in the cutest little VW Passat courtesy of the rental place. Really it's kind of fun! :)

In between making all the truck arrangements we did manage to have a fabulous weekend. I am so ready for summer fun to get here!!! Really I think that most everybody is ready because this weekend there were quite a few people at the lake. There was some reminiscing about all the flooding last year and what a relief that this year looks so grand. Even Joe had a great time going out in the backyard and visiting with his little girlfriend Fancy through the back fence! There was much rubbing of noses, wagging of tails and fence running involved in the renewal of their friendship.
This is the granddaughter on Saturday morning while shopping at garage sales with her mom and I. It turned out chilly that morning so she has her little hat and mittens on. We actually found quite a few bargains and had a great time together. I dearly love hearing her little giggles and seeing her little smiles.

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Wendy said...

Ok, now how chilly could it possibly be in Texas? Now chilly here is in Michigan is in the 40's (need at least a Jacket) so I am guessing that chilly for you in Texas may be 60.....So sorry to hear about the truck, don't you just love when you have a rock thrown in on your fun?
Have a great night......