Monday, April 28, 2008

Bag O' Lasagna and Routine

Finally - Job2 is over for the season. And now I realize just how much time I really do have in my life, even though I do work. Working two jobs leaves almost no time at all for anything. Yesterday I finally got to Walmart for some major grocery shopping and have meals planned for quite some time. I have missed cooking and eating at home - who knew I'd ever say those words???

Last night I made lasagna and used a new recipe for a garlic bread spread. We ended up not being thrilled by the spread, but it does have possibilities and we'll play around with it to get it where we like it.

The only problem with this fabulous meal was the massive amount of leftovers! Being an empty nest now it's been a little bit of a challenge to change my cooking over to just the two of us. After dinner I was sitting outside on the patio talking to mom and she told me how to freeze the leftovers. Place servings on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for about an hour to flash freeze them (I had two cookie sheets full!).

Next place the lasagna in the bags and run through the Food Saver. I do have to say that the Food Saver is one of my absolute favorite kitchen appliances. We've had it for several years now and it has helped us to save so much money. I buy meats in bulk and freeze them and they thaw out to be just like fresh. Here's hoping the lasagna does as well!

When I finished getting all the lasagna ready to toss in the freezer I sashayed out to the living room where Keith was watching hockey (GO STARS!) and told him that if anybody asks him if he has bags of lasagna he can now answer a resounding yes! :)
Another nice thing about having all this extra time is I can now get my eating back on track. While working Job2 I gained back two of the pounds I lost. *sob* I had lost a total of 31 pounds on WW and with running, but there has been no running lately....except through fast food drive-thru's. I am very happy to get back on track and eat at home again (did I already mention that??? - LOL!). I also have my running gear with me at work so that I can change clothes and hit the track on the way home today. Ahhh....sweet blessed routine. :)

I'm going to try to start posting menus again, mostly to try and get some more organization to my life. Evenings go so much better when you already know what you're going to cook for dinner.

Monday - grilled pork chops, fresh corn on the cob, steamed little bitty potatoes (cause it's all right to be little bitty....)

Tuesday - Baked hot chicken strips, celery and carrot sticks with ranch dressing

Wednesday - leftovers (gotta do it now that we're only two!)

Thursday - Savory Stuffed Green Peppers

Friday - out with friends! :)

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, I originally was cooking for four and now that both boys are gone it is/was hard to take it down.
I'm going to try the menu planning, since grocery prices have skyrocketed I'm changing the way I buy things. I even mentioned to hubby we need to get a freezer again (we gave it away when we moved).