Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Sky and Stuff

Such an absolutely stunning day today!

I started the day early this morning sitting in the spare room knitting with my friend Lise. OK, not really, but it kind of felt like it. Lise has the best knitting podcast and talks just like you're sitting there with her and knitting together.

Then because the weather was so nice I grabbed the leash and the dog and we went for a walk, where unfortunately I proceeded to "break" my dog. I didn't think we went that far, but he is so sore this evening and I feel so terrible about it. I guess it's been a long, lazy winter for the poor thing and I need to take it a little more slowly with him.

The rest of the day has been a hodge podge of activity. Lots of yard work just to be outside. And since I have a large dog there is some time spent each week out there cleaning his mess. It never fails to tickle me though to realize what activity I'm doing and singing praise songs at the same time. I was plugging in the ipod and ready to go outside when Keith asked what I was going to do. I told him that I was going to be outside praising Jesus and picking up dog poop! Now really, I do know it might sound bad to say that, but honestly if you could just see me out there singing and dancing to The Twenty First Time with a pooper scooper in my hand you'd see the humor here! :)

I did take a few breaks though just to sit outside and knit. The weather was so perfect and just begged to be taken advantage of. This is the beginning of a scarf I'm making. One of the girls I work with has a project at her church each Christmas where they fill backpacks for the homeless people in our city. She pledged to the church that she and her fellow knitters would donate a handknit scarf and/or hat for each backpack. I figure I better get started! :) I'm loving how this one is turning out and it's probably the softest thing in the world.


Knitting Rose said...

I love your afternoon activity! Praising and pickin' up poop! Who would have thought!
you are too funny!
thanks for the shout out - I appreciate it. I love the video of Brooklyn!

Loni said...

I love how the color is turning out in the scarf! This is by far my favorite yarn to knit with!! It is so smooth and easy going. I am holding back from buying every color of it!!