Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Costa Rica Experience

Finally getting some Costa Rica pictures posted!

This first picture is the view looking out the front door of our office. San Jose is in Central Valley and there were mountains everywhere we looked. Unfortunately I was not able to take advantage of the tours to the volcanoes, rain forests or beaches this trip, so maybe next time.

One of the days during lunch the facility manager took us downtown for lunch and to walk around. This picture was taken inside the market where there were booths selling every sort of food - meats, produce and grains. It was really magnificent and one interesting thing to me was that I was unable to identify a large percentage of the fruits! I thoroughly enjoyed trying the different tropical fruits though and will miss them now that I'm back home.
The crowded streets of downtown. Unreal to me just how many people were walking. Between the fresh fruits and vegetables and all the walking they surely must be a healthy country!
It was during our walking that we went into a VERY small shop that sold baby clothes. I bought three items for Miss Brooklyn there and enjoyed it immenselly!

We visited this church, built in the 1700's. It was beautiful and so serene inside.
Honestly - I'm not sure that I would call the trip "fun" since we were not in the touristy or more natural areas. But it was a very interesting trip and I'm glad I went.

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Anonymous said...

I like not going to the touristy places as I think you see more of the real country. Two of our DGD did a mission trip there and thought it was a beautiful country with beautiful children.