Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shopping Cart Adventure

Yesterday I started my post with a sorta quote from Titanic. For the life of me I can't think of one today that goes with this post and I really thought that would've been cute! *shrug*
Today Loni and I took Brooklyn shopping for her Easter dress. We found one that is darling - and believe it or not it's not PINK! - and I just can't wait to have pictures of her in it! Of course I had to get her a girly headband and bow and a pair of socks with lace. Adorable!
While out shopping we stopped in at World Market to see about getting some Salsa Lizano to use in my gallo pinto (struck out there). We put Little Bit in the shopping cart and then Loni realized that this is the first time Brooklyn had ever been in one. When she said that I had to whip out my trusty camera and start taking pictures. See how Brooklyn's checking the whole thing out? And to put everybody's mind at ease about cart cooties - we didn't have the shopping cart cover with us, but I always carry spray sanitizer in my purse. The two of us doused the cart before we put the precious babe in.
Our first stop in the store was back in the corner where they had things marked 75% off. There were some of the cutest rubber duckies ever - colored to look like Santa ducks, gingerbread ducks, etc. Brooklyn liked the gingerbread duck the best, so of course Grandma had to get it for her. And at only .74 cents it was cheap entertainment for her for the rest of the day. And it was a seriously fun day. :)

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