Monday, March 24, 2008


She is just so beautiful! Of course we had a wonderful, blessed Easter. The service at church was so good and I looked down at Brooklyn in my lap at one point and tears welled up just from being so happy. Keith saw that, gave me a little smile and squeezed my hand. is so good.

There was a little boy sitting in the pew behind us that apparently was pretty funny. Brooklyn was looking, then would break into a huge grin, stop for a minute, then grin real big again. Little flirt. :)

She was also very entranced by the high ceilings, stained glass, organs and handbells at this church. The first part of the service she just sat very still and only her eyes moved. Then we sang and she thought grandma's singing was funny!

I know the lighting is off on the second picture, but I so love her grin. Life is just so much fun for this little girl - she grins and laughs and kicks all the time. After church we went back to the kids' house and spent the better part of the day and this baby is just so fun to be around.

It did end up being too cold outside to have a picnic (the temperature was great, but the wind was cold), so we ended up spreading the blankets in the middle of James' living room and having our picnic inside. It was fun and very different from our original plan, but we are a "roll with flow" type of family and it just didn't matter.

After we ate we played a game of Disney Scene It and that was so much fun! There were four
teams - Keith and James were on "Team Uninterested" because they were outvoted on what we were going to play - and it ended up that they won!!! And I got teased quite a bit because for most of the game I sat on the start square. I've always prided myself on my Disney knowledge (!), but I am just not nearly as fast as the kids are - LOL!

I do so love the holidays. Good times....


Jimmie said...

And I just want to cry reading the story and seeing the wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Jimmie

Shelley - My Scrappin' Mimi said...

You can see all the love that surrounds little Brooklyn. I can see why you enjoyed Easter so much. What a precious gem she is...The Lord truly made her special...Amen

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

What a beautiful picture of that sweet precious baby!!!! Just want to smooch all over those cheeks!

You all looked like you were having a fun picnic even if it was in the house! LOL

Dawn d