Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dinner On The Lake

"I'm Queen of the World!"

OK, perhaps that line is a bit overused. But I can't help that it popped in my head this evening while sitting at the front of the boat. Keith and I had a very low key, lazy day and at the last minute decided to run out to the lake. I ran in and made sandwiches, filled the cooler, grabbed the dog and off we went.

This time I actually drove!!! A most amazing feat indeed as I haven't driven in the city pulling the boat yet. I'm always ok doing this sort of thing at the lake, but Dallas traffic can be a little dicey at the best of times....even without pulling a boat. I did have a little trouble on the ramp this time and I totally attribute that to getting a little cocky about how good I've been doing lately. Daddy would've been quite proud of me. :)

We found an out of the way spot, turned off the boat and I fixed our plates. James and Loni had gotten Keith a great backpack for Father's Day one year that is filled with metal dishes, silverware, a cutting board and these napkins. What fun we had eating our sandwiches and potato salad on these dishes while bobbing along in the boat!

Joe looked mighty indeed as he sat in the back and kept on the lookout for things that he might need to bark at. There were quite a few ducks flying about, which I found vastly interesting, but apparently they are boring to dogs.

He finally decided that the whole things was boring and found a place to lay down. Minutes later he was sound asleep.


Natalie Rush said...

Looks like you guys had a great day!! We are going out on Special K's bosses boat on friday but no chance the dogs can come. :( oh well..

Hope you are having a good week!!

Cathy said...

I too was going to say it looks like you all had a great day. You dog looks very sweet, and I know he enjoyed it too. :o)