Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Stamp Club Night

We just had Stamp Club Night and again it was a highlight of my month.

This first "card" started life as an envelope before we cut the tops off and added the hemp handle (you can barely see it in the photo). There is a little cellophane bag of candy and crimped paper Easter grass inside as well. At the end of the evening I had thought I would add this to Brooklyn's Easter basket, but now I'm no sure I'll do a whole basket since she's still so little. There can be no candy, etc. when you are only 8 months old (her birthday is today)!

I really, really love this card. I think one of the things I like best about it is the color choice and how upbeat and happy it looks. Cherries just seem to always be perky!
The inside of the card has a flap that holds a recipe for Cherry Cheesecake. Totally cute! The stamp on the other side says:

Life is not a matter
of counting years,
It's a matter of
making years count.

The highlight of the evening was right as we left the demonstrator's house. Helen and I got in her car and Jeanie and Shelley got in Shelley's car and off we went to IHOP for dinner. Except that Helen and I were chatting so much that we missed our turn and the other girls were chatting so much they didn't realize we missed and kept following us. Jeanie called me and the four of us got to laughing so hard that our sides were so sore - literally. ;) The other car found IHOP before we did, but that afforded us the opportunity to call them and say "It's 10:00, do you know where your friends are???" When we finally arrived I did point out that really by getting lost we added a whole new dimension of fun to the evening. Good times. :)


Anonymous said...
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Beanie said...

Oh my gosh was that ever the funniest thing. I think that every time I pass that Frisco tower I will burst into laughter. What a fun night. I totally think that the envelope candy bag is way cutier in person than in picture. Its just adorable cute project. Happy Birthday Baby Brooklyn!!! Its hard to believe you are already 8 months old. (shaking my head)