Monday, March 19, 2007

Jalepeno Appetizers

These are the best appetizers and I don't have any idea what their official name is! Loni had made them for us some time ago and we recently had them at their house again.

My biggest advice before starting is to wear some gloves to prepare these!!!

Cut the top end off a jalepeno pepper, slice in half lengthwise and clean all the seeds out (there's the reason for the gloves!). Fill with cream cheese and wrap half a slice of bacon around, securing with a toothpick (Loni had turkey bacon for these and it was great). Cook on the grill over medium heat until they have browned. Serve and enjoy!

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LaVerna said...

I love those things!Too much sometimes I think.
I foubd your blog from someone else's blog.TexasPurlGirl I think.I too am a Texas knittin gal.Only I am way over in the Panhandle where there are no LYS's!Ack!Nice to meet another Texan.