Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gold Bowls and No Yahoo

An interesting phenomenon is happening in my computer world - I'm no longer able to get to my Yahoo Mail and most times to anything Yahoo from my home. Obviously I am one to panic, but that hasn't really gotten anything done. What HAS happened is that I've done so much more this last week than I ever have.

And now I've honestly started wondering if perhaps this isn't a message from God telling me to get my priorities in line. I don't think I've been honest with myself about just how much time I spend on the computer. I truly love it and would prefer surfing around to watching tv or any of the other usual down time activities. But I also know that I have no self-control at all on this thing.

Without access to email and chatting online with friends online I've managed to start walking again - I'm up to almost 5 miles a day now (an estimate). We've only eaten out one meal in this time and really we all spend more time together. These two things have resulted in a five pound loss for me in a two week time period.

Last night, after first checking to see if I could get my email ;) , I went and got a box out that I'd brought home from my grandmother's house. It was a very sensory time unwrapping the newspaper from so many special items. Most of the things hadn't made it out of the box yet because I wanted to be sure they had a special place and would not get broken. Since we bought the corner unit for the dining room (IKEA...gotta love 'em!), that's the spot. This gold bowl is so beautiful and more than likely its beauty doesn't come through in the photo. The doily underneath was purchased a few weeks ago when Loni and I headed out to garage sales early one Saturday morning. I'm so pleased with how perfectly the color matches the bowl.

I know that I won't ever give up my computer time completely, but I'm hoping that through this "drought" I might learn a lesson in moderation.


Anonymous said...

I thought I would identify your bowl for you. It is Depression glass in the pattern Madrid, by the Indiana Glass Company, made sometime between 1932 and 1939. The color name is amber. What a wonderful piece of your Grandmother's to have, and it really does look pretty on the doily.
Janet H.

Liz G. said...

I hate to contribute to the delinquency of a friend...but I can set you up on a gmail account... ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel like an ignorant slut........5 miles, no computer, svelte body........me? just an ol' lump of coal.....but I'm gonna be a diamond someday.......

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The bowl is absolutely beautiful. I love vintage glass.

I wish you the best with your new goals and Congrats on the weight loss and exercise!