Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grant's Canal

On the way home from Atlanta we stopped for a brief...break at the welcome center on the Mississippi border. It was there that we discovered we just happened to be right by Grant's Canal. Now we had just recently learned of the Grant's Canal and when we learned how close we were we decided to take a quick side trip to see it in person, seeing as how we are all somewhat of a history buff. We (more realistically - I) had visions of being really choked with emotion when we were on the grounds of this historical site where years ago so many had given their lives in vain. The reality wasn't nearly that touching. In order to get there we drove down some deserted back roads before seeing the historical sign pointing to a little turnoff. We looked around a moment before deciding it was probably safe to get out and look at the signs. I was horribly disappointed in the whole thing. It looked to be nothing more than an overgrown drainage ditch. We scurried back in the truck, locked the doors and headed back to the highway.

I suppose that sometimes it's best to leave things to the imagination. :(

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