Thursday, October 12, 2006

State Fair of Texas

Well I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but we really had a nice time yesterday. Keith and I both took off work to spend the day at the fair. The weather was really nice, hardly what you would call a crowd and of course the Fletcher's Corny Dogs! This year we were able to see the creative arts building and look at the prize winning quilts and canned goods. Keith enjoyed seeing the Lego entries - who knew there were Lego entries??? And for the first time we rode the Texas Star - ferris wheel - , reputed to be the tallest ride in the Western Hemisphere. Pretty cool and since the gondolas were like little cages instead of open seats it really wasn't frightening at all.

Now this morning I'm sitting at home enjoying the beautiful fall weather that arrived last night. I dearly love the cooler temperatures and cool breezes and apparently Joe and Meeko do as well since they keep rotating around the open windows in the house with their little noses pressed up against the screens.

My cousin from Houston should be arriving shortly and we will be hitting the road towards Arkansas to stay with my aunt and help go through my grandparents' house and prepare to close it up. Definitely a bittersweet feel to the trip and yet I'm looking forward to it more than I could possibly have imagined. I love that I'll have car time alone with my cousin because I'm certain we'll solve all the world's problems and I am eagerly anticipating the two of us spending time with my aunt. I love these two ladies so very much and time together is just very special.

And while putting on my makeup earlier I realized that the left side of my face got a little more than its fair share of product. Rather than either take some off or add some to the right I just shrugged my shoulders and decided that it worked out well since my cousin will be driving and will be able to see the pretty side - LOL!

~ Elizabeth

Children can withstand a lot of pressure and trial from the outside if the home inside is held steady by parents whose character is steady. - Stuart Briscoe

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