Friday, October 20, 2006

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn

When I returned from Arkansas I had a wonderful package waiting for me in the mail - my order of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn! I've heard about these yarns for ages but have never had the opportunity to pet them or see them. Some of my enabler knit friends pointed me in the direction of an online sale and really, what's a woman to do? Not only am I not disappointed, I am simply delighted in the feel and the color and am anxious to cast on another pair of socks with one of these.

And when we had the garage sale in Arkansas it was an absolutely stunning day. The morning started off quite chilly, so I pulled out my hand knit socks and clogs to wear that day. Silly as it might sound, I truly did have happy feet all day long! There's something intensely satisfying about knitting your own socks and each time I would slip my feet out of my clogs and wiggle my toes it would give me a smile on my face.

~ Elizabeth

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. - Proverbs 31:13


Anonymous said...


If that is the Fall Foliage color I am gonna have a FIT!! I passed it up in Boston.

If it is, can I come roll in it?


Anonymous said...

Oh, this yarn is absolutely amazing! It looks so soft and cozy, and I bet it must be heaven to work with! Love the colors too - perfect choice! I'm looking forward to seeing the socks you're going to knit with that yarn! Happy Knitting!