Monday, October 02, 2006

12 Hour Crop

This is a picture of my workspace after cropping for almost 12 hours on Saturday! And as I gaze upon this photo it hits me that it's really no wonder that I get so little done at crops! I still contend that the most important part of a crop to me is the fellowshipping and laughing - and if I'm honest with myself I'd add the "eating, Starbucks and Sonic runs" as well. ;)

When I got home late Saturday night and was telling Keith animated stories about the day he just shook his head at me. Among the stories was another chapter of "and we have to move up there when we retire honey because I just love the area and people so much"! Of course I'd have to keep our current home as well so that I could still play with my friends here. It really presents quite a pickle, which is probably why he just shakes his head and pretty much ignores me on the subject.

My arm is still very sore and I had to baby it quite a bit on Saturday with the sling - except for when I threw that baby off and did the YMCA like a crazy woman! The problem with doing things like the YMCA when you're my age is that after the "performance" was over I sat in my chair panting for quite some time. Hard lesson to learn about yourself, but really I'm just not as young as I used to be! The bright side though is that I'm no longer as inhibited either. When I was younger I would never have done the YMCA in front of a group of people - LOL!

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