Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No More Evil Knievel For Me

Last Thursday I decided I should get a second opinion on my arm since it's still hurting so much. I was so tickled by the nurse's assistant at the facility. She asked about the accident and I told her about riding the motorcycle offroad. This young girl's eyes lit up and she told me that she and her boyfriend had recently gone bungee jumping and had we tried that yet? LOL - umm....methinks you have the wrong idea about me! She told me that she is 23 and she hopes that when she is my age that she is still doing fun things like riding motorcycles! So during the short conversation with this young lady I learned that a) I am old and b) she thinks I'm a daredevil!

The doctor x-rayed my arm and it's not broken, but he did recommend I get an MRI to further check things out. He told me that I would be heading to the imaging center that does the Dallas Cowboys and I do think that I disappointed him with my lack of being impressed. However, Monday afternoon I went to the training center and stopped at the guard shack while he checked my name on the list. I have to admit that I told the young guard that I must be really important to be coming here! He laughed and showed me where to park. I honestly think this place rivals Disneyworld in cleanliness - not even a leaf would dare to fall on the grass and mar the perfect beauty!

This afternoon I heard the results and I have a torn rotator cuff. I suppose this means I need to start acting my age now instead of running amuck all the time! Perhaps this means I will settle down now. ~ sigh ~ Or maybe it just means that I will again reflect upon the enormous blessing it is to have health insurance!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, Your commentary on life is inspiring for all of us. I am Dawn's sister and I never miss your blog. You are definitely my #1 blog to read!! C.

Knitting Rose said...

Hey Elizabeth! So sorry to hear about your rotator cuff - thank heavens for insurance! I hope all goes well. Can you still knit? OH that would be the worst part!