Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordy Wednesday–Cousins on a Boat

I’ve seen so many people do a Wordless Wednesday post where all they do is share a picture.  I’m not able to do that because, as my beloved says, I can make even a long story longer. 

However….  in honor of our temperature back up in the 90’s again I wanted to share a picture from this summer.  Because with this heat it would’ve been a GREAT day to be on the water.  Well except for the pesky problem of the blue green algae that has our lake closed right now. 



These two Cutie Patooties (or as Uncle Gary calls Brooklyn, Cutie on Duty!) were sitting up at the front of the boat as we headed out of the cove one day this summer.  They were all grins and giggles and highly anticipating the swimming and beach fun we were about to have.  That anticipation is even more fun when you have your cousin next to you!  On the left is my precious granddaughter Brooklyn and next to her is her cousin Kaitlyn, who is 3 months to the day older than Brooklyn.

(And lest anybody worry, we are in the No Wake Zone here and going very slow, which is why they are sitting up there like that. And you can see the pink and green sandals of their mamas right there!)

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