Monday, September 19, 2011

Movies on Monday

I have a confession to make – one of my guilty pleasures is “end of the world” movies and books.  I have no idea why and honestly if I thought about it a lot I’d probably get the heebie jeebies over the subject matter most times.  Perhaps it’s more of a cheering over the resiliency of the human spirit?  Regardless, I love them and those closest to me tend to tease me about it a lot.



I tell you that to explain why I was so excited about seeing the movie Contagion – and really why Keith is such a good husband because he was NOT all that interested in the movie.

We went on Saturday night to a theater we’ve gone to many times, but they have since remodeled a portion of their screens into a Dine-In Theater.  Just happened to have a B1G1 free entrée, so perfect time to try it out.  We were very pleasantly surprised by the food because the other theater in town that does something similar has only greasy fried foods on the menu and we’re trying to stay away from that.  This one was great!

But the movie?  I was so disappointed.  It had the potential and the actors to be really great, but it was almost boring.  There really wasn’t much edge of your seat excitement or worry over the main characters.


Jakarta Pandemic

Part of that feeling could be because of the book I started that morning – The Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly.  I finished the book today and have to say that it was rather eerie in it’s believability for me.  It focuses more on one family and their surrounding neighborhood and how as time goes by during a pandemic there are bigger things than just the flu to worry about.  (It’s a great book, so if you have the same guilty pleasure of end of the world books go and order it – it’s just $3.99 on Kindle.)

And circling back to the movie – I’m wondering if part of our lack of enjoyment was due to the couple behind us that coughed and blew their nose the whole time…..DURING A PANDEMIC FLU MOVIE!  It did rather add to the creep factor.  Surprised smile

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