Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Milk Glass and Orchids

I love milk glass because I think it’s pretty.

And I love how certain things can evoke strong memories.

I see it and instantly I’m 8 years old again sitting at the table in my grandmother’s kitchen, food all around us.

I do have a few pieces of my grandmother’s milk glass, but I have it put away to only bring out on special occasions.  Like so far never. Which is bad because we all know that we should splurge on ourselves and our own family and USE THE GOOD STUFF!




Since I enjoy milk glass so much I got the idea to buy a few of the small pieces and put them in my windowsill with plants. I could never bring myself to use my grandmother’s pieces for this, but seeing them in the windowsill does remind me of her. Smile



I have to confess too that Keith has bought orchids for me on a few occasions, so I have a particular fondness for them.



Isn’t this AWESOME?  We were out in Canton, TX at the ginormous flea market when I found this piece for only TWO DOLLARS!!!  It’s very small, probably would only hold about a cup and a half or so, but just perfect for the teeny tiny orchid.

I couldn’t bring myself to put any sort of drainage hole in the piece in case I decide to use it for something else later, so we’ll see how well the flower does!


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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I have a milk glass piece that was my grandmother's ... a nesting chicken (the chicken is the lid and the nest is the dish). I always think of her whenever I see any milk glass pieces. Thanks to your post, I am thinking about getting a piece or two of my own to add to the "collection". It's also made me start wondering what object(s) will my grandkids see and automatically think of me after I'm gone. Hmmmmm...


Thought that was a great idea to put a plant in the dish...I'm sure it makes memories of your grandmother that much stronger!