Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angelic Floral Arrangement

It strikes me as rather funny that I love to do so many crafts, and even consider myself pretty good at them, and for the life of me cannot arrange flowers!

Fortunately my daughter can! So when she showed up at my doorstep with her roommate to “hang out” while the roofers were working on their apartment I jumped at the opportunity. The three of us headed to Hobby Lobby for flower selection and while they did give my the final say really they did it themselves.

A story about the vase – it has huge meaning for me and I’ve finally gotten around to using it!  On the one year anniversary of my dad passing away one of my grandmother’s friends brought flowers to her in this vase.  I think that is such a touching thing to do and hope that I can remember that if ever I’m in the same place.  Anyway, I have the vase now and it means the world to me since it has an attachment to daddy and grandma. 



And this is what they came up with!  They were pleased with the flowers because pink is my favorite color, but they didn’t want it to be baby pink.



The wall color doesn’t really show well, but it’s kind of a flat, funny greenish grayish type of color.  Perfect as a background to the floral arrangement!



My mother-in-law just gave me this picture and I put it next to the floral arrangement, then was delighted to see that the pink flower in the picture is very close to the pink flowers the girls picked out!  Contemplating changing the silver frame – spray paint just might be involved.

Seriously, every time I walk into the bedroom and see this it makes me smile. That’s a sign of it being absolutely perfect!


Lyndsey said...

Very cute!!! :)

Scrapbdazzled said...

I love the vase and the story behind it. The girls did an outstanding job on the flowers too! Isn't it funny how things fall into place? I think the frame and quote are perfect with the arrangement!