Monday, May 03, 2010

DWTS – For the Last Time


One of my absolute favorite things to do with my daughter (24) is to sit on the couch while doing our crochet/knitting and watch Dancing With The Stars.  We started doing this at the beginning of the season and we enjoy so much watching all the dancing and commenting on the wonderful dancing outfits…and the not so wonderful ones.  It’s been a great time to be together.

Tonight was no exception, except that it was a tad bittersweet.  We’ve had the last year together and now Lynne’ is moving out with one of her friends.  The two girls spent the day Saturday looking at apartments and found one that they are giddy about, so she’ll be leaving. 

Really I know it’s the best thing for her, but I sure will miss her.

And tonight after she and her dad laughed at one of my comments I did point out that she won’t have as much fun watching this show with anybody else.  She agreed, still giggling.

Now for some show notes, straight from my daughter and I!

  • My classic “DOH” moment tonight was when Evan and Anna danced the Argentine Tango.  I said, foolishly, that dance really didn’t do anything for me….and they got a perfect score.  DOH!
  • We adore watching Niecy!  That girl would be the most fun to go to a lunch with and laugh.  And she has come so far in her dancing and looks so sure of herself.
  • Then when Pamela Anderson was doing the waltz I mentioned how much I loved her dress and how “flowey” it was as she danced.  Yes, more chuckles from the family on that one.  I promised my daughter that I would text her next week if I saw a great flowey dress.  ;)

Honestly it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it with somebody you love.  Maybe I’ll watch the show next week and shower my daughter with text messages?  Or maybe I’ll let her be and we’ll just chat about the show later.  :)

** An aside – the blanket she’s crocheting above is for one of her friends that is pregnant.  Isn’t it awesome?


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Don't you just love Mother/daughter time? Nothing like it. I am looking forward to having my college daughter home this weekend for the summer. I love doing the same thing...watching TV with her, talking, laughing, knitting and just being together. Can't wait! I know you are sad that your daughter will be leaving, but she will enjoy time with her girlfriends. Love her crocheted blanket. Love & blessings from NC!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

I know exactly what you sweet girl and I used to have ER/popcorn Thursdays. It was never the same after she was gone. For a long time after she moved out I would make the popcorn and watch ER because it was a reminder of the sweet feeling. Nothing like sharing even little things with someone you love.

Joansie said...

I'm addicted to DWTS. Because I resume teaching knitting classes tonight for the next 4 Tues., I will not see the results show (sigh).

Love the blanket!

Loni said...

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cinnamongirl93 said...

How sweet. Love your post today! Happy Mothers Day!