Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Car!

Well my word sometimes life happens very fast!  Since we live in the Great State of Texas our daughter was able to take advantage of the Air Check program.  It allows people with older cars to trade them in for something much newer and they receive a voucher from the state for their down payment.

She’s been looking at cars for quite some time and the voucher came in the mail while we were on vacation.  One of the most pressing rules is that you only have thirty days to use the voucher and no extensions will be granted.

I got an excited email from her yesterday that she found one at a car dealer we like and it was a good price.  The three of us headed over there after work for the test drive and negotiations.  Today we went back,  she signed a lot of paperwork, then walked away the proud owner of a car she found, researched and financed all on her own!


Yes, we did the silly “take a picture of her taking a picture of her new car” and we all laughed.  I know it’s not a good photo, but it was the moment in time we were capturing.

She’s truly on Cloud 9 and that’s as it should be.  How fun to see her experiencing the joy of the first car she’s picked out and how fun to remember back to when we did it.

And welcome to adulthood and car payments my sweet daughter.  :)

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cinnamongirl93 said...

Hello!! Been out of blogland for a while. Wanted to stop by and say Hi!
Congrat's on your daughters new ride. It's always an exciting time!!!