Monday, March 29, 2010

Hat #3 for Red Andrews Dinner – Cross Skull Cap


I really don’t know why I procrastinate as much as I do.  This hat, The Cross Skull Hat, was started on March 11 and was probably completely finished, except for that final run the needle through 8 stitches, on March 12.  But I waited until today to do that and weave in the one end.

Regardless, I do like this hat.  It looks good and there was enough happening in the pattern that it wasn’t totally boring to knit.

Once again I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Dark Country Blue, though it looks kind of like an electric blue here.  The yarn is nice to knit with and I know will be good for many washings.

Hat #2 – Hurricane Hat
Hat #1 – Classic World War II Watch Cap

Linking to Get Your Craft On!  It is a large weekly event with all kinds of crafty things.  After visiting a bunch of these posts I’m always ready to create!


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