Friday, March 05, 2010

26 Years and an Hour Ago….

A wonderful son was born.  :)  4410363188_1396b5974b_oWe all went out to dinner tonight to celebrate James’ birthday.  I just love it when all of us are together and enjoying each others’ company. 

 4409607999_16aee0a528_o We went to a barbecue restaurant and they had the cutest thing – a trash can combo!  All of this food was served on the lid of a small galvanized trash can lid.  It was too much for the 5.5 of us and the kids took quite a bit home.  A fun way to try a lot of different foods.


Unbelievably I forgot my camera tonight, but luckily did have one in my phone.  When they brought out the trash can combo Miss Brooklyn’s eyes lit up and she started saying “Corn, corn!”  I asked her if she eats it at school and she nodded and smiled.  I don’t know why really, but I think it’s very cute to see her eating corn on the cob.   :)

And thank you for allowing a grandmother to show a video of the cutest granddaughter ever.  :)  After we ate we stood and chatted a few minutes before everybody headed home.  Brooklyn thought this was way better than sitting in a restaurant.  It’s fun to watch her do things like balance on the curb and hold her arms out.  It’s at those moments that I realize she’s no longer a baby, but turning into a wonderful little girl.

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