Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yarn Shopping With Brooklyn

This is what happens when you go yarn shopping with an almost 1 year old!

She had an absolutely grand time wrapping yarn around everything and laughing and talking to it. And of course I had a fabulous time watching her do it!

It did occur to me after the fact that maybe this wasn't a good idea for me to let her do it. Her mom also knits and hopefully she won't think that it's always ok to mess with yarn this way. But isn't she cute??? (and yes, I did purchase the yarn that she messed up.....) Now that I think about it, her mom and aunt were there too and nobody stopped me, so SURELY it was ok. ;)


Teresa said...

Of all the bazillions of photos of Brooklyn you've posted, that one is my favorite. Absolutely adorable!
And a perfect illustration of why grandmas should always have a camera available.

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

she looks like she had a blast playing with the yarn, such a silly girl you have!

Sarah said...

That is priceless! It makes me think of my niece who has great fun, "yarning," the inside of our home! Hope you had a great weekend!