Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Dog!

Home from another fabulous lake weekend and we're all POOPED!

I love this picture of Joe because it shows his big smile. One of the girls I work with didn't know that dogs smile, so I had to dig through some old photos and show her. Who can deny this doggy smile?

We had pulled up to a beach and all jumped in to play in the water. Joe is stylin' in his new life jacket and he gets giggles many times around the lake. But he's a senior citizen and I just worry about him getting over tired. Actually though he's always had a lifejacket for in the boat. Safety first!


Renna said...

Joe has a very nice smile. ;-)

I agree, dogs definitely do smile. Our's always have. :-)

Gnat said...

Oh he looks so happy!! My two are jealous!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

you are such a good mommy! He looks so happy and yes I can see the smile! Love it.

JeanieBeanie said...

This picture totally cracks me up for some reason. LOL!!! I did not know they made doggy life jackets. Sabbath definately needs one of those if he ever gets to go back to the lake. He is not good at the lake cause he wants to go exploring.